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7 Best Tips for Renting an Apartment in Los Angeles

7 Best Tips for Renting an Apartment in Los Angeles

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If you are in search to lease or rent an apartment in Los Angeles then you must be aware that it is not an easy task. The competition is super high, rent is touching the sky, but you can still hunt an apartment at an affordable price  to move in that suits your needs. You need to be careful before choosing an apartment before leasing, if you follow our top tips, you will have no issues.

We have compiled a list of tips and things to look into before you finalise your lease agreement. This checklist to renting an apartment in Los Angeles will come handy every time you are looking for a new property or relocating.

Budget wisely

Monthly rent is a fixed liability and you need to think about it very carefully. Pre plan everything before starting your hunt. Draft your monthly budgets, fixed liabilities, savings and variable expenses. Audit yourself and see how much rent is affordable easily every month. Never forget to include expected expenses, car break downs, medical bills etc. in your expenses.

A thumb rule is that you should not spend anything more than 30% of your income on rent. 

After you have an estimate of easily affordable rental amount every month, look for an ideal apartment in your preferred area and size.

Another tip on how to save on your rent while hunting an apartment in Los Angeles is to find a roommate. A roommate can split bills and rent with you, instantly making it half for you.

Search for an apartment

Hunting and planning is more important. You might not need a realtor always to find the right property. In the today’s world, you can also search for an apartment through AirBnB but they are mostly short term rentals.

Short and long term rentals can also be found on facebook groups, other social media apps, classified websites or newspaper ads. You can find some really good places, with our without utilities and furnished or un furnished.

Another way to find an apartment for lease in Los Angeles is to contact an expert realtor of the local area. A local real estate agent can be very beneficial during your apartment hunt. 

If you are looking for an apartment in LA, contact Edgar Torossian for your real estate queries. I will help you find the best apartment that suits you and help you with all the paper work and moving in process.

Prepare your paperwork

Once you have decided on the location, shortlisted the best apartment, calculated budget and ready to proceed, then comes the paper work.

Paperwork is mandatory. Some landlords tend to ask for your pay stubs, financial stability, employment proof and ID documents before proceeding. These documents help them analyse your financial conditions and your ability to afford the rental payments.

Best bet is to have all your recent documents ready. These could be W-2 form, Pay stubs, letter of recommendations from previous landlords, credit reports, employment proof, bonafide certificate, and any contact information of previous landlord or employer.

The competition is very high and the landlord would always prefer the safest option as their tenant. Sometimes you might need to hurry and decide because the demand is also high. You may end up loosing your chosen apartment to someone else who was quick to act. 

Always have all your documents ready and present them as soon as possible. The landlord must be fully satisfied before he will shortlist you. Any delays can 


Location plays an important role in real estate. Majority of people prefer to live close to basic amenities and their work place. Who loves to keep their travelling time low for a lowered monthly expense? I think everyone. 

An ideal location must be near to public transit, restaurants, gym, grocery stores, schools, hospitals and basic amenities. 

A very famous quote from Donald Trump’s book ‘The Art of Deal’ is “Buy the worst property at the best location”. 

A far away location will become a burden on your pocket because of long travel times daily. It will also consume your energy, making you drained of energy everyday. Lets learn more about what else you should take care when renting an apartment in Los Angeles.

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Have a pet? Ask the landlord before

If you are a pet lover and have a pet, be sure to ask the landlord or your respective realtor about pet rules of the space. 

Many buildings or locations may have restrictions for pets which is disappointing but you can’t dictate them. The rules have to be respected. 

Hence, always make sure you search for pet friendly apartments in LA. Many buildings may also ask you for a pet deposit before you move in, this must be considered in your budgeting and planning.

Analyse your expectations

When you are searching for an apartment in LA, you need to make a list of features and amenities that you are expecting to be in your new home. This checklist will help you in short listing the best apartment for your needs. 

If you are gym freak, you may prefer a gym in the building. A laundry is also a must have, preferably inside the building. Some condo buildings will also have storage space options with lock and keys. All these can be considered as a benchmark in your apartment hunt.

See the place in person

Since the technological advancement, online apartment tours have become popular. The virtual tours, photos or videos can be altered to look better and bigger, which increases the risks of fraud and scam. 

I’d suggest you to always visit the place yourself physically and see how it is. If by any chance you can not go yourself, have someone else that you trust to visit it on your behalf. Check everything in detail, double check the amenities that were mentioned with what is actually present in the apartment and building. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions that you have, double check everything with your checklist and go through every corner.

This will prevent you from any potential scams.

Lets move to Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the top city in the United States. Apartment hunting is not an easy job. If you are moving to LA, you must know about this before you move to LA.

Learn from our experience, go apartment hunting, check everything, hire an expert realtor in LA for the paperwork and process, then move in. But during all this, make sure you follow our tips for renting in Los Angeles.

I hope everything is explained in detail, if you still have any questions, feel free to contact me on my email or phone number anytime. 

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